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The purpose of this newsletter is to give ski tourers and ski mountaineers on the South Coast of British Columbia as much information as possible while making decisions around the best and safest places to ski! We are skiers like you but we have the opportunity to monitor conditions throughout the corridor all year long and we want to pass that experience onto you.

Use this information at your own risk! We are not responsible for your actions in the backcountry and things change rapidly from when this report was written!

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Evan Stevens is an internationally certified mountain guide (IFMGA) who has guided ski touring and heli skiing in the Sea to Sky Corridor for 15+ years. Evan continues to teach for both the American and Canadian Mountain Guide Associations.

Eric Carter is a professional ski mountaineer and has been based out of Squamish since 2009. He skis regularly throughout the corridor and seeks out the best snow and conditions possible!

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