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Summer Update - Trail Run at Whitecap!

Summer Update - Trail Run at Whitecap!
Whitecap Alpine Terrain!

Hi Everyone!

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It feels like summer has been going on forever and we know some of you are already flipping through your maps and guidebooks or taking inventory of the ski quiver in preparation for some shopping. Maybe there’s even a few intrepid folks planning that South America or NZ trip!

Today we’ve got a few things that might help the time pass a little faster. Read to the end for some important info for our winter programs!

Sept 8-11 Whitecap Running Trip

Most of you have heard of Whitecap Alpine for their unreal lodge-based ski touring but they also have incredible summer trails! Eric is leading a trail running trip to Whitecap on September 8-11th. We’ll rack up some vert, eat amazing food, swim alpine lakes, and enjoy their saunas. Perfect prep for the ski season! Click the link to read more details. Sign up ASAP!

Fall Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is in full swing and as fall approaches, we'll have nice cool sending temps. Do you have a route in mind that you've been wanting to get on all season? Evan is sticking around Squamish this fall and available for rock guiding!

ZMG Winter Programming

We’re excitedly putting dates on the calendar for our ski mountaineering programs for the 2023/24 season. The last few years, these have sold out in a few hours (!). Our paid subscribers will get the first dibs on Sept 6th, the rest of our newsletter subscribers will get access on Sept 8th, and it will go to the world the next week. Keep an eye out for that newsletter and have your calendar in hand!

Here’s a sneak peak of the programming we’ll offer:

  • Ground School: Early November indoor evening sessions to brush up on rope and crevasse skills so these come easy later in the season. If you’re doing one of our ski mountaineering camps, this is highly recommended.
  • Avalanche Rescue Refresher: One day intensive rescue practice. We all know that the half-hearted beacon practices we do every year (hopefully) aren’t good enough practice. We’ll do a quick refresher on best practices, then spend an entire day running through different scenarios to practice searching, probing, digging, and the aftermath. This course is best with the crew you’ll be skiing with this season so get everyone on board.
  • AST 3: You’re an expert level skier and mountain traveler. You tick off big lines, rad tours, and go on sweet trips with your ski buddies every year. You got your AST1 and AST2 early on in your career. Turns out that was 15 years ago! This program is a weekend course to fill the gap between those early AST courses and the professional OPS courses that aren’t really intended for a recreational skier. We’ll dive into snow science, go/no-go decisions, and intense rescue drills.
  • Winter Ski Mountaineering Skills Camp: This is our premier course of the season. Two days: one is focused on the skills we use in the alpine environment to access ski lines that don’t have a beaten bootpack and bolted anchor… Day two: we’ll head into the mountains and you’ll be presented with a handful of situations where you’ll actually employ those skills, but more importantly, you’ll have to strategize which skills are the most appropriate for each situation and employ them efficiently and effectively.

Keep your eyes on your inbox after September long weekend because we’ve got limited spaces and these courses just don’t exist elsewhere. We’d also love to hear if you have and suggestions for additional courses. Don’t hesitate to reach out!