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Winter Ski Programming Live!

Winter Ski Programming Live!

We hope summer has treated you well and you’re not totally dying of excitement for winter!

We're a week or so late but Evan and I have managed to nail down a clinic schedule for this winter. As paid supporters of our conditions report, you’ve got a two day head-start to register before we open to the public!

If you haven’t done our 2-day ski mountaineering course, that’s what we’d recommend. It’s the cornerstone of our season for sure and the best bang for learning time. We spend a single day at the resort practicing key skills, then we head into the backcountry on a loop where we can put all those skills into play.

Our avi refresher is one of the most useful single days you can spend training this season. If you've done your AST courses in the past but it's been a few years, this is a critical refresher for those companion rescue skills. Bring your ski partner and you'll come out of it feeling confident in your ability to quickly search and rescue a team mate in the event of an avalanche.

The new option for this season is our April Ski Camp. We’re keeping it open ended with the 1st week of April reserved and location will be conditions dependent but it will be within a day drive and likely heli or sled access (we’ll arrange of course). All you need to do now is put your name down to hold a space and mark that week off in your calendar. This will be the week to get after some big lines and put all the skills to work. We will be looking at resumes for this one to make sure we have a real team that’s fully ready to go in the mountains to make some magic.

All the details and more at the website. If you've got questions, email us personally at evanstevens@gmail.com or eric.a.carter@me.com!

Thanks for supporting us and we’re looking forward to getting on snow with you this winter!

Eric & Evan