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Urgent Subscriber Update!

Urgent Subscriber Update!
The everlasting search for Corn'O'Clock...

We are excited to announce a new feature for ZMG subscribers!

Spring has arrived on the South Coast and corn skiing should be top of mind. To help, we’re happy to introduce Cornhub.com - your one stop app for nailing corn’o’clock - the best time to make your ski descent!

Welcome to CORNHUB!

Our just launched, state-of-the-art CORNSAT network utilizes the latest in geostationary monitoring that, when connected to the CORNLINK network, will take your current aspect, elevation, lat/long, overnight temps, solar radiation and use our proprietary algorithm to perfectly calculate when you should feast on that sweet sweet corn.

CORNSAT69 - the keystone in our CORN research network of satellites launches from it's pad just outside Smithers BC.

Nothing is worse than skiing breakable crust. Let it ripen up while you fire up the hibachi on ridgetop and wait for your Cornhub app to send a notification that it’s time to send. Our field verification team has diligently collected over 69,420 data points to train the machine learning platform and keep that corn syrup flowing. These incredible results could not have been achieved by just us - CORNHUB was immagined and built by an incredible team who will remain nameless.

Don’t be a muppet. Check Cornhub for the best conditions!

These poor muppets didn't check CORNHUB and ended up dropping in 15min past corn'thirty!


“For generations, our ancestors have blindly searched for the elusive Cornucopia. The launch of Cornsat 69 has lifted not only the satellite, but this burden from our shoulders” - Jack “Cornelius” Casey