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Join us again this season!

Join us again this season!

Hi Friends!

Last year, you were a paid supporter of our snow conditions update. At the end of the season we turned off all the paid subscriptions so you wouldn’t be charged through the summer. We’re not going to turn them back on ourselves but we would certainly appreciate if you did!

We’ve got big plans for the newsletter this season. The core newsletter that you got last year will continue to be free to everyone who is signed up. We believe this is critical information to get out to our community and you helped us do that. There are a few bonuses to being a paid supporter other than just altruism though! Here’s why you should consider signing back up:

  • We’ve got a handful of sponsors already signed on who will be contributing extras of the gear we love to give away to you. Every few weeks (first one comes on Thursday), we’ll draw a name from our paid supporters to win some gear - Petzl, Hestra, Majesty, and more!
  • We’re launching our snow conditions chat. Think something like the South Coast Touring Facebook group but with only our small group of like minded participants - none of the noise that comes with Facebook. We’ll be using the Discord app so you’ll be able to get direct notifications (or not) as the conversation happens. We plan to use this chat to include all the snowpack observations and discussion that don’t make it into the weekly newsletter. When we dig a snow pit, this is where we’ll post the video. The chat group will also be a great place to ask us questions, discuss conditions and access, and find some like minded partners!
  • Like last year, you’ll get first dibs on our clinics and any trips we open up during the season! That last minute heli bump into the Tantalus is going to fill up quick ;)

There's four easy steps to re-up as a supporter:

  1. Click over to the website: snow.zenithguides.ca
  2. At the top right: SIGN IN with your email. 
  3. Again at the top right, click: ACCOUNT.
  4. In the pop-up that appears, the middle portion shows your current subscription and you can click CHANGE to upgrade to the "Support Us" plan!

If you choose to continue to support us, we’ll definitely appreciate it! Otherwise, we hope you’ll continue to enjoy the newsletter and that it’s a useful tool for the upcoming season.

Thank you!

Eric and Evan