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Last minute glacier travel course!

Last minute glacier travel course!

Getting psyched for big spring days in the alpine? All this snow means the big mountains are doing a little better and glacier coverage is more promising but we still need to be ready. 

We just opened up a glacier travel and crevasse rescue course this Sunday March 10th!

We will be covering:

  • Rope strategies (how not to take forever roping up and how not to turn into a giant tangle)
  • Efficient tools for adjusting the length of the rope and switching from travel to belay mode.
  • Then we’ll switch over to crevasse rescue and review rescues as a team of two and more. The whole routine from catching a fall to dragging them out - including what to do after they’re out!

If this sounds up your alley - hit the link below and sign up asap! 

We’ll be somewhere between Squamish and Whistler depending on conditions and weather (the goal will be maximizing training time without having to skin a ton).

See you out there and back to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow!